"In 2001, I sold my first DVD on eBay..... In 2009, my internet business brought in over $1.3 million dollars... But if I had to start again from SCRATCH, this is how *I* would build my first Internet business in less than 7 days and see profits by next week..."

"Even if you decide not to purchase my directory, I am going to open your eyes to the *HYPE*, being sold by others so you can SAVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY."

From: Brent Crouch
Tuesday, 2:45 p.m.

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of all the scam artists offering eBay wholesaler guides worth ZERO dollars?

Do you want me to tell you why not to waste your money on other wholesale guides, and how to tell a legitimate guide from a useless generic guide?

Are you looking for a good product in unlimited supply that sells over and over again?

Would you be interested if I could prove to you that out of the TOP FIVE eBay Powersellers THREE were selling this exact same product? Would you be interested in knowing their supplier?

READ ON.....

I am going to answer the four questions above and tell you how you can start your very own profitable business on the Internet with a proven product that you can sell over and over again.

I started my internet business six years ago. My daughter was one year old, and I was looking for a way to supplement my wife's income to allow her to quit her job and become a full time mom. I purchased every single work at home course I could get my hands on. We were introduced to chain letters, envelope stuffing schemes, and every type of scam you can imagine.


One day at work, a co-worker and very good friend, mentioned his 12-year-old step son thought he had struck it rich selling dvds on eBay. He thought it was funny that this kid was excited about making $15 a week. At this point, I had never even heard of eBay, but I wondered if a twelve year old could make $15 a week, could I make $100 a week? Little did I know where that thought and the potential of selling on the internet would take me only a few years later!

I setup an eBay account and started selling items around the house that were no longer wanted. It only took a few weeks before I realized what type of opportunity I had stumbled across. But I knew my research was far from over. I needed a product that I could sell over and over again. I had no desire to reinvent the wheel, so I took a look at what eBay's most successful sellers were selling. What I found was the same thing you will find today. eBay's top sellers are selling cds and dvds.

I performed 100s of hours of research looking for a supplier. I bought every Ebook I could find that offered wholesale listings. I even bought several Ebooks that dealt specifically with the CD and DVD business complete with a list of suppliers. But like MOST of the information sold today, everything I got was junk. Everyone promised a list of suppliers with new release dvds for $6 each, but no one ever produced. I started my business using the suppliers I found, but I could never find the new release movies everyone else was selling.

Then I had a lucky break. I stumbled across an eBayer selling his eBay business. He no longer had the time to run the business, so he was auctioning it off. At the time I found it, the bid was over $10,000. Guess what he was selling? .....NEW RELEASE DVDs !!!

At that time, $10,000 was out of my price range, but I wanted to know the dvd wholesaler he was using. I decided to write him an email, and ask if he would be willing to sell the information. For the price of $500, I purchased that ONE DVD SUPPLIER that NO ONE talks about. This same supplier distributes wholesale dvds to over 70% of the video rental chains in the United States. They had over 30,000 titles in stock and more new release movies than you can count. It turned out to be the best $500 I have ever spent and took my new internet business to a new level.

Within three months, I had accomplished my goal. My wife was a full time mom.

Are you interested in knowing the name of that supplier?

I will give you the name of that supplier plus 120 more dvd and cd wholesalers! It will cost you far less than the $500 I paid and unlike most people selling wholesale books, you are buying from someone that has actually owned and operated this type of business.

I am often asked what is the difference between my cd and dvd directory and the other wholesale directories being sold on the internet. Besides containing the name of the number one dvd supplier, as a FREE BONUS, I am giving you 30 days FREE access to me by email. I will be with you helping you every step of the way. This alone makes the cost of the directory worth 10 times more than you'll have to pay for it!

If you want to know the facts about owning an internet business, you've come to the right place.

How many sites have you visited selling CD & DVD

wholesale directories telling you lies like the ones below?

MYTH: You can make $1000s selling cds & dvds on the internet with very little work.

FACT: This is absolutely untrue. It is very possible to make $1000s of dollars selling cds & dvds. eBay's top seller, a CD vendor, is offering his eBay business for sale for a cool $5,000,000.00. So obviously they are making good money.... VERY GOOD MONEY. But if you read the interviews this guy has given, he works non-stop to maintain that level of business. Last month, he had over 17,000 positive feedbacks. Those cds don't package and ship themselves.

MYTH: It is best to buy a wholesale directory that gives away the resale rights.

FACT: Most of these guys selling this CD & DVD directory have never operated the business themselves. They simply purchased the book and resale rights for $10 and created a sales page full of lies and hype. How many times have you ever went into a book store and been told you can reprint and resell any of the books you purchase? Never, right? That is because the books there are actually worth something! I have purchased several of these $10 and $20 ebooks only to find they did not contain the name of that ONE wholesaler you are going to need the most.

MYTH: You can buy new release dvds for a few dollars each.

FACT: This is the biggest misconception out there. If you find Sealed new release dvds for a few dollars each, you can bet your last dollar they are illegal bootlegs. This is not a road you want to travel down. I seen one site where the seller was claiming he was purchasing sealed new release dvds for less than $4. He is either telling a complete lie or he is selling illegal movies. Either way, it will not be of any help to you. You can buy new releases from that top distributor I am going to give you, but new release movies are at a premium. I will give you other sources to buy movies with Hollywood's top actors for less than $2 each, but these will NOT be NEW RELEASES.

MYTH: You can make a lot of money selling a few items a week.

FACT: The CD and DVD business is not a business that you are going to make lots of money from each sale. It is a volume business. It is more realistic to expect to sell 200 dvds a week with an average profit of $2 - $3 each, than 40 dvds a week with a profit of $6 - $10 each.

MYTH: It is best to buy a product with lots of bonuses.

FACT: I like Free Bonuses. The problem is most of the ones offered are more FREE RESALE books that are worthless. I looked through my competition's website and most of them are offering Ebook bonuses that are very old, out dated, and were never very useful when they were first written. If you want lots of free Ebooks for bonuses, just let me know. I'll send you 6,000 with free resale rights, but like the ones everyone else is giving away, they will not help you much.

MYTH: Everyone that buys this Ebook is going to be able to quit there job, work from home, and be financially free.

FACT: Absolutely Not! Remember that saying, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." I am going to give you everything you need to start a DVD business on the internet. I am going to save you the 100s of hours I spent looking for a dvd supplier. But in the end, you'll need the motivation and courage to move forward and start your business.

If you decide not to buy my CD & DVD Wholesale Guide, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY BY OTHERS MAKING THESE FALSE CLAIMS.



Lets just say my competition was a lot happier until I came along. You visit any other website selling a CD & DVD Wholesale Directory, and you'll see lots of fancy graphics, useless bonuses, and false claims. If you decide to make a purchase of one of these other lists, I am going to give you a list of things to look for to determine if the directory is legitimate or not.

If the directory is promising NEW RELEASE dvds for amounts like $2 or $3.

A lot of these guys use pictures of new releases and put ridiculously low prices on them. They want you to believe you can purchase these movies for a small fraction of the retail price. That may make for a nice sales ad, but it isn't true. Anybody trying to convince you any different doesn't know what he or she is talking about or is trying to take your money.

Do you really think these guys know more than Wal-Mart? Follow me for a minute. Wal-Mart is known for selling products just above cost. Like them or not, they offer the best prices on everything they sell. Have you ever seen Wal-Mart offering a new release title for $2, $4, $6, or even $8? The answer is NO! New releases are at a premium for everyone including a company with the buying power of Wal-Mart. So if someone is promising you new release dvds for a few dollars, do you really believe they have found a secret supplier unknown to the world's largest retailer?

If the directory is promising drop ship sources for cds & dvds.

There are very few suppliers willing to drop ship small items like cds & dvds. The few that do require you to drop ship a large amount or charge such a high fee for shipping a single title that you can't make a profit.

The reason is simple. How much do you think a supplier could make drop shipping a small item like a CD or DVD? Not very much once they pay to process your credit card, labor to process the order, and the packaging to ship it. I have found very few suppliers willing to drop ship cds and dvds unless it was for a large order.

If the directory isn't giving you all the facts you have read here.

Lets face it; I could probably sell a lot more wholesale directories if I didn't list all the facts. But bottom line, I want you to know what to expect. Yes, you can make a lot of money selling cds and dvds. And yes, they are the hottest selling items on the internet right now. But it also requires work. Anyone trying to convince you otherwise is not being truthful with you.

I've tried to give you everything you need to answer all your questions. Here is a list of questions I am frequently asked.


QUESTION: Do I need a business license to order from these suppliers?

ANSWER: There are over 120 suppliers and all will have different requirements. The largest supplier will require a business license. My business license only costs me $20 a year. If you are serious about opening a business, there is really no reason not to have one.

However, I have included a list of suppliers that will not require a business license. These suppliers are perfect for those ordering for personal use, or those that just choose not to get a business license.

My guess is less than 1 out of 10 suppliers will require you to have a business license.

QUESTION: What prices can I buy at?

ANSWER: With over 120 suppliers, it would be impossible for me to try and quote pricing. These suppliers are all wholesale suppliers, and you will be buying at a wholesale price. Exactly what that price is will be determined by you and the supplier. With over 120 suppliers you have plenty of opportunities to shop pricing.

What I can tell you is there is a small markup on dvds at the wholesale level. So small, that your pricing will be within 3 - 5% of eBay's top dvd suppliers.

QUESTION: Why would I buy a directory from you? Can't I find this information myself?

ANSWER: I guess you can try. Do a search on google for "wholesale dvd" and see how many results you get. If you are prepared to review, email, and call all 7,090,000 results you could possibly find the information for yourself.

QUESTION: Why does the price of your directory fluctuate between $29.95 and $99.95

ANSWER: I offer 30 DAYS FREE EMAIL SUPPORT to everyone that purchases my directory. As you can see from the responses in my testimonials, I take time to answer every support request personally. My time is so limited, once I get 50 customers that email me daily for support, I raise the price of the directory to $99.95 to slow sales. The when my current customers need less email support, I lower the price again.

QUESTION: I purchased another directory and just can't get started. Can I purchase email support from you?

ANSWER: Yes, I'd be happy to offer you email support. Just email me for current rates. brent@jillianentertainment.com

QUESTION: Why are you selling this directory? Aren't you afraid you will create competition for yourself?

ANSWER: Lets be honest. Most people that order my directory are NEVER going to start a business. Most people are procrastinators. They want a magic pill, a free ride, a goose that lays golden eggs. I'm not offering any of those things. I'm offering the information and help you need to start a cd / dvd wholesale business, but it takes work to get going. When you use that four letter word "work", you just scared away a big part of the population.

Still undecided?
Read what my most recent customers have to say?


"I was intrigued by the fact that I could get the list of the top 500 eBay sellers. I devoured the list last night. I actually found it somewhat by accident going through your other links. I have definitely saved that link into my favorites because I have already learned so much from their sites."

"This was most definitely worth what I paid for this package!!!!!"

Tonya Pruitt

"Thank you so much for all the work and effort that you've put into organizing your site."

"I really like talking with you--you are a person who knows "first-hand" about the ins and outs of e-Bay selling--you have the experience, both of making beginning mistakes, and most importantly of becoming a success at selling on the auction site. I know I'll be talking with you again soon."

Lynn R.

"Brent, Thank you so much for the wonderful package. I had bought three other directories before finding yours. I was hesitant at first, but I AM SO GLAD I MADE THE DECISION TO ORDER. Your directory has excellent suppliers not even mentioned in the other guides I purchased."

"I appreciate all your quick responses to my questions. It has made starting my internet business less stressful than if I had to go it along. Thank you so much!"

Connie C.

"Thanks for the wholesale directory. The free month of email support makes it worth 10 times what I paid for it!"

Dennis M.

"OK thanks for everything I think I got all I need to think about right now. I got to say I don't think any other person would spend this much time and effort to reply to all my emails and i got to thank you for that. This has been the best purchase I have ever made!"

Tom G.

"I do really appreciate what you have helped me accomplish knowledge and connection wise- Man if people only would see you first, before spending all that money on those other list offers. They would be blessed and you would be blessed with money. Hey if we work things out when this is over and I still have room for links-How about putting Jillian's as a link on my website? I know I paid for your service-But you have given more than I ever thought. And I would like to offer my gratitude."

Mark F.

"Hello Brent, I wish to say that I am pleased and (just a bit) surprised at the level of information you've supplied so far. I applied to your top supplier on Tuesday, and I was approved today. I've spoken to their staff twice. Very polite, and helpful young ladies. Some of the other sites also look very promising."

Jerry F.

"Thank you for your email. I have recently purchased a dvd kiosk that will go live this Thursday. Your resouces have already been worth their weight in gold to us!!"

Cindy M.

"You know when I saw your offer I thought you were full of it. But you have some of the best info I have seen ever for the product you are selling. I just want to say thanks and I find you info proper and correct."

Victor S.

Click Here to Read More Testimonials


Dear Friend,

I hope I have given you everything you need to determine if an internet business is right for you.


A little skepticism is a good thing. If you don't have a certain amount, you'll spend all your money on hopeless opportunities. Too much skepticism, and you'll watch legitimate opportunities pass you by. I can easily prove that dvds and cds are the best selling items on the internet. I can also easily prove that it is the product sold by three of the top five eBay powersellers. I'm going to give you one of the free bonuses right now with no obligation.

Here is a link to the eBay 500. Just view the top ten eBay sellers on the list and see for yourself what product they are selling.

eBay's Largest Sellers

How much more proof do you need?

The only thing keeping your name off that list is you! That list contains the names of ordinary people like you and me. MOST of them started their business with the same limitations of time, money, and internet skills that many of you face. But these "ordinary people" didn't let that stop them, and they achieved extraordinary results.

What's stopping you?


You obviously found my page because you were interested in starting a CD and/or DVD business on the internet. I hope you are ready to take the first step.

Once you make your purchase, you'll have immediate access to the directory and bonuses. I encourage you to read through the material, and email me with any questions.

I look forward to personally working with you to make your internet business a success.


Brent Crouch


I hope I have already proven that I have the best CD and DVD wholesale directory on the net. So, lets talk about what I am going to give you to start your DVD and CD business on the internet.

Jillian Entertainment CD & DVD Wholesale Directory

I am going to give you the name of the major supplier that supplies 70% of the video rental chains in the U.S. This is the same supplier I paid $500 for. I am also going to give you an additional 120+ suppliers that sell new dvds as low as $1.09 each.

30 Days Unlimited Email Support - Bonus #1

I'll offer you 30 days unlimited email support at no additional charge. I'll guide you through any trouble you have setting up your business, and even give you access to my rolodex of favorite hosting companies, auction management software, HTML tips, and more! I'll work with you one on one and help get your business off the ground.

eBay Marketing E-Course - Bonus #2

Okay, I know! One of those Free Resale Rights Ebooks. Well, I am not going to try and convince you this is the best thing since sliced bread, but this was the Ebook I read when starting my eBay business a few years ago. If you have a lot of eBay experience, it will be mostly review for you. If you don't, then it will contain a lot of good information that you will find useful. You can find most of the information by searching the eBay site, but this is a good reference with everything in one place. I know when I started my eBay business, it was a big help.

Letter to Accompany Application - Bonus #3

That big supplier I keep making reference to requires you fill out an application before they will set your pricing. I'll give you a copy of the letter I sent in with my application that convinced them to give me awesome pricing. I got better pricing than the guy I paid $500.00 for the supplier name. You should have seen his reaction when he found out. PRICELESS!!

On Going Help For Your Business - Bonus #4

Ever heard the saying, "If you want to achieve something, then hang around people that are working to achieve the same thing." I am going to include a list of communities and chat boards with other internet sellers. Chat boards can get addictive, and you can waste a lot of time that could be better used building your business. But they can also be a great place to network with others who have the answer to your problem.

eBay's Biggest Sellers - Bonus #5

I am going to give you the link to eBay's biggest sellers. I'll show you how to find out what they are selling, where to get it, and how much they are selling it for. This is perfect for finding new products to sell. It is always updated, so you don't have to worry about old information. This is the same source I used to find out the top five sellers were selling cds and dvds.

Interviews with eBay's Largest Seller - Bonus #6

I'll give you all the information I gathered on eBay's Big Boy. He has given several interviews. In one he actually reveals the source of the 800+ cds he sells a day!

Free Updates for a Year! - Bonus #7

I'll also give you free updates for a year! I am always finding new suppliers. I'll send you at no charge any updates to the manual. This is great when new suppliers are added, and when I start getting complaints that a supplier is not meeting our high standards, you'll be the first to know.



Jillian Entertainment CD & DVD Wholesale Directory. Try my wholesale list for without risk for 30 Days. If after 30 days you show evidence you were not able to make money using the suppliers in the list, I'll give you a full refund and let you keep the Bonuses at no charge.







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