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From: Brent Crouch
Saturday, 7:13 p.m.

Dear Friend,

You may be thinking I don't know how to create a professional looking auction page, or it will be to expensive.

If this is what you are thinking, please read further. I am going to show you how you can:

A. Increase Your Sales by Spicing Up Your Look

B. Work with MY Personal Designer to Create a Professional Looking Design

C. Add Extra Pictures to Your Ebay Auctions for ZERO COST

D. Reserve Your Business Domain Name

E. And Get 30 Days Additional Email Support So I Can Personally Make Sure You Know How Everything Works!

If you don't understand the benefit of having a professional looking template, or think a professional design is out of your reach, you owe it to yourself to read further. A professional design will not only be beneficial to the success of your business, at some point it may be necessary for you to reach the next level of sales. If you are having trouble selling your items, or notice other sellers selling the same items for higher prices, a template could make all the difference in the world to you.

READ ON.....

If anything I am talking about sounds like Greek to you, don't worry. When I first started, I didn't even know what Ebay was! I'm going to carefully explain why you should have a professional looking design, how you can benefit by reserving your business domain name, and then I'm going to stick around for another 30 Days to make sure you know how it works.

We have all searched for some type of product on Ebay. For every product you can think of there are many sellers offering it for sale. How do you choose which seller to buy from?

Whether you realize it or not, studies show the overwhelming majority of us will buy from the seller who has the best looking page! That's right. Whether you realize you are doing it or not, take a look at the last few auctions you have bid on. I bet you'll find the seller had a well designed professional page.

The process for creating a professional page may seem complex, expensive, and out of reach. In some instances, that maybe the case. But I have worked out agreements with my web hosing company and MY PERSONAL DESIGNER to make a template available to you at an UNBELIEVABLE PRICE!


There are two processes for moving your business to the next level with a new professional look. The first is opening a web hosting account. You see, a professional template will have a lot of pictures in it. You need somewhere to host the pictures or the template will not work.

I've worked out an agreement with my web hosting company to provide you low cost hosting at only $7.95 per month. Not only does this price include a web space to make your template work, you'll also be able to reserve your business domain name at no extra cost. So if your Ebay user id is CaliforniaDVD, you'll be able to own the domain name CaliforniaDVD.com at no extra cost. This is the first step to opening your own website and selling to your customers direct.

Not only that, you'll be able to further improve your image by getting emails at your business domain name. When your customers send you email, they'll be sending it to YourName@YourBusinessName.com.

You may be thinking, I don't know how to make any of this works. Don't worry. I have 5 websites hosted with this company, and am very familiar with their platform. I'll help you get everything going from the pictures uploaded to setting up your email. Once you see how easy it is, it'll be a piece of cake.

The first step can be completed by clicking on the picture below. You'll be taken to my web hosting company where you can pick your business domain name and sign up with everything you'll need to improve your image and increase your sales. I'll be contacted by the hosting company letting me know you signed up from my link. Then I'll send you step by step instructions for making the most out of your new account. Don't forget, to come back to this page to find out how you can work with my personal designer to build a template that can be hosted on your new web space.



Now that you know that you have a hosting account, you need a designer to design your template. This can be very expensive. The best designers can charge hundreds of dollars a page to complete your design.

For a limited time, I have talked my personal designer into working on your project. This is definitely for a limited time. There is only so much work she can do. It took some arm twisting, but I've talked her into creating a professionally designed template for you for only $59.95. Your completed design will be delivered to me on CD, and I'll help you load it on your web server at no additional charge!

That is an unbelievable deal. As soon as you pay, I'll let her know to contact you. Please be patient. Her designs are all made to order. She is a very good designer, and stays very busy. It may take her a few days to contact you.



Now Only$59.95

Limited Time Offer


Just in case you are overwhelmed, let me go over what I am offering you.

By signing up with my hosting company using the link above, you benefit from

A. Having a Web Space to Store Pictures Needed for Your New Template

B. Owning the Business Domain Name of Your Choice (Ex. YourBusinessName.com)

C. Improve Your Image By Getting Email at Your Domain Name (Ex. Anywhere@YourBusinessName.com)

D. Add As Many Pictures to Your Auctions As You Want At NO COST

E. Have a Web Space Ready for You to GRADUALLY Make Your Products Available From Your Website with NO EBAY FEES!


By purchasing the design package you'll get

A. A Professionally Designed Template to Use on Your Ebay Auctions

B. Opportunity to Work with an In Demand Designer for an UNBELIEVABLE Price

C. Chance to Increase Your Sales By Presenting a Professional Look to Your Potential Buyers

Let me know if you have any questions. As soon as you sign up with my hosting company, I'll add your additional 30 Days Email Support and start helping you get everything setup.


Brent Crouch

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