"I am so sure a Professionally Designed Template and a Business Email will BOOST YOUR SALES, I'll pay, AT MY COST, for my personal designer to create a *PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED* Auction Template for the businesses of the first 20 customers that *RESPOND*"

Only 3 Free Spots Left

From: Brent Crouch
Wednesday, 5:39 p.m.

Dear Friend,

Growing a business is very rewarding, but it can be just as confusing. When I registered my business four years ago, it wasn't long before I began receiving all sorts of offers and proposals by mail, phone, and the occasional unannounced visit. Everybody had something they claimed my business needed to be successful, or to make it to the next level.

How can anyone be sure which products and services are needed, and which products and services are not needed.

In the next few pages, I am going to tell you:

A. The first thing I do when starting a new business.

B. A service you can use for 25 Cents a day that will give you the PROFESSIONAL IMAGE you need and pay for itself many times over.

C. How you can have my personal designer create an auction template for you for FREE!

READ ON.....

There is one simple question you should ask when evaluating any product or service to determine if it is right for your business.

1. Does this product or service bring value to my business?

Some of you may think this is common knowledge, but I find many new business owners never ask this question when evaluating products and services. Most are pressured into products by high-pressure sales people. They end up with products they don't need or don't use.

I never buy products or services that do not bring value to my business.

Here are a few examples of what I am talking about.



I spend $1,000's of dollars every week on advertising. Up until a few months ago, I relied on the actual companies I purchase advertising from to tell me which ads produced traffic to my website. At some point, I found my advertising costs going up, but my sales were remaining the same. I had no idea what was going on. According to the reports I was getting from the ad companies, everything was going just as it always had been.

I found a software package that had the ability to track all my ads and give a detailed report of which ads were working and which ads were not working. The software package cost $97, but I also had to hire a programmer to make the program work with my website. This cost an additional $200.

I was able to determine within days that the reports I was getting from some of the ad companies were not accurate at all. I was running ads at one company that cost $250 a week. They claimed I was getting hundreds of clicks a week from their website. It turned out, I was getting less than 3 clicks a day.

I was able to use the data I was getting from this program to cancel lots of ads that were not producing. In the first week, this program had more than paid for itself. The $297 I invested in the program has been returned to me many times over. This is an example of a purchase that added value to my business.

I'm not trying to sale you on ad tracking software, I just wanted to give you an example of a purchase that added value to my business.


When I first started selling over the Internet, I knew less about creating fancy auctions templates or setting up websites than most of you. I was just happy to know just enough to setup a few auctions and make some money.

My auction pages were very plain, and I was still getting email at myemail@cs.com. I didn't know how to do anything different. I didn't even know I needed to do anything different!

About 6 months into my new business, I was asked to participate in an online survey that was given by a local University. The survey started by showing two Ebay auction pages. Both pages were for the same product and had the same price. The only difference was one page was pretty plain (like my auction pages at the time) with an email address that went to YourName@ISP.com, and the other featured the product in a professionally designed page complete with a logo and an email address that directed to YourName@YourBusinessName.com.

I participated in the survey and was sent the final results a few weeks later. More than 1,000 people took the survey, and the results showed that more than 90% of the respondents would choose the more professional looking page when deciding which item to bid on. The surveyed also showed more than 80% would still bid on the professionally designed page even if the item was priced for slightly more money.

It became very clear to me that day, a professionally designed page and a business email address would add value to my business. I quickly learned I would create more sales, more bids, and bigger profits by improving the image my customers seen when they viewed my auction pages.

"READ Further to Learn How You Can Add
to Your Business for
25 CENTS!"

I know first hand how much a professionally designed template and business email address will improve your sales and add value to your business. I ALSO KNOW, how stressful and how much strain it can place on the average person financially to start a new business.

You maybe thinking...

I can't afford a professional design right now.


I'll just keep using my email address at hotmail.com, aol.com, or cs.com until I can afford my own domain name.

"I am so sure a professionally designed template and business email address will add tremendous *VALUE* to your business,

I've worked out an arrangement with my hosting provider to pay for the auction templates of the first 20 people that respond.

YES, you read that correctly. If you are one of the first 20 people that respond to my letter, I've worked out an arrangement with my hosting provider to pay to build your auction template for FREE! My designer normally charges $60 for one of these designs. But for the first 20 people that respond, this charge will be paid 100% by my hosting company.

You are probably asking, "What's the Catch?"

There is no catch. You see, I have worked an arrangemenet out with my hosting provider to offer hosting accounts on their server. You will need a hosting account in order to make your auction template work, I only ask that you click my link below and sign up for the account with my provider. When you sign up you will be sent an email confirmation, I ask that you forward a copy of that confirmation to me, and if you are one of the first 20, I'll have my designer contact you to complete your FREE DESIGN. That's it!

A hosting account is very affordable. You can sign up with an account that will have everything and more than you need for only $7.95 a month. This is approximately 25 cents a day.

Not only is a hosting account very affordable, and will allow your auction template to work, there are many other benefits as well.


1. Increased sales and bigger profits. All the research shows customers will choose the more professional looking page and bid more for your items.

2. Your own business domain name. For example, if the name of your company is XYZ DVD, you can reserve the domain name XYZDVD.com

3. You can setup your email to be YourName@YourBusinessName.com. For example, if your name was John and your business name was XYZ DVD, you could set up your email to be John@XYZDVD.com This creates a professional image, and will entice more buyers to bid on your items.

4. Another great benefit to having your own hosting account is you can add extra pictures to Ebay at no cost. That's right, FREE, NOTHING, NADA!

5. By having your business domain name reserved, you prepare your business for future growth. As your business grows, you already have your business name reserved on the web and can begin to create your own website you can make sales from.

6. And many more benefits!

"I am going to give every person that signs up an additional 30 Days Email Support
at *NO CHARGE*."

As an added Bonus for signing up with my hosting provider, I am going to give every single person 30 DAYS ADDITIONAL EMAIL SUPPORT.

While operating your own hosting account is very easy, it can be a little intimidating at first. I don't ever want to sell my customers products or services they can't use or don't need.

That's why I am offering you the additional 30 Days FREE Email Support. This support will be in addition to any support you currently have. I want to help you one on one with any questions you have about putting your new template into use, setting up your new email address, adding FREE pictures to Ebay, or any other questions that arise.


The process is simple.

1. Just click on the banner below and sign up for the $7.95 account.

2. When you are sent your payment confirmation via email, just forward a copy of the confirmation to me.

3. I'll provide 30 DAYS ADDITIONAL EMAIL SUPPORT FOR EVERYONE, and if you are one of the first 20 I'll pay the cost for my designer to complete a professionally designed template for you at NO CHARGE!

To see if there are any FREE TEMPLATES LEFT, just look at the counter below.

17 People have already responded....There are only 3 FREE TEMPLATES LEFT.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the first product you purchase when starting a new business?
A. When starting a new business, the first thing I do is create a new hosting account. At 25 cents a day, they are very affordable, and are the most cost effective way to brand your new business. Your own hosting account and domain name is like real estate on the internet. Doing business on the internet without a hosting account, just doesn't make much sense.

Q. Will I still be able to get my email at my hosting provider?
A. Of course. You will still have your same email if you want. A hosting account simply gives you the ability to add new email addresses that include your business name. For instance, I named my business Jillian Entertainment. Using my hosting account, I can send my customers email from Brent@JillianEntertainment.com. I can also setup 100 email addresses from AnyWhereIwant@JillianEntertainment.com.

Q. How do I add additional images to ebay at no charge?
A. You need a hosting account to do this. Once you get everything setup, you can use your free email support and I will be happy to walk you through this.

Q. How much does a hosting account cost?
A. My provider has several options. In order to qualify for the free template and free email support, you need to sign up for the $7.95 a month account.

Q. How long before my auction template is created?
A. My designer has no idea I'm about to dump 20 new projects on him. Basically, he works first come first served. The sooner you sign up for your account and send me the confirmation letter, the sooner you will be placed in line.

Q. I signed up for an account with this hosting company last week, do I still qualify?
A. Unfortunately no. This offer has been made available to new hosting customers only.

Q. I've decided to sell another product other than CDs and DVDs. Is this offer still available to me?
A. Yes! A hosting account and auction template is a must have for any business. I'm happy to extend my offer to you and my designer can customize a template for any business you choose.



Thanks for giving me the chance to give your subscribers my 2 cents.
Signing up for a hosting account was one of the best choices I have made. For a very small cost, I have greatly improved the image my customer's see when they view my business. I understand now why this is the first thing you do when starting a new business.

Thanks a million,

Sally M.

Hi Brent,

Andrew did an excellent job of designing my auction template. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but the design turned out great!
What is even better is the immediate increase in my auction sales. The new design has brought more sales. I've even sold titles that I couldn't give away before.
I just wanted to say thanks. You guys have been great!

Keep the emails coming,

Jennifer W.


I've just got me new email address setup. I had no idea how easy this was! No programming required. Basically, if you can navigate Windows, you can use a hosting account. I'm going to setup another account for another project I'm working on.

Thanks for all your help,

Tom P.

17 People have already responded....There are only 3 FREE TEMPLATES LEFT.



If you are skeptical or have questions, don't hesitate to send me an email. I want to help you understand why this step is so important, so you can determine if it is right for your business.


Brent Crouch

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