Business Phone Line For Less Than $20 A Year

29 March 2011

A business phone line can be an expensive proposition. When Priscilla and I first started our business, we purchased a cell phone that was used exclusively for business. This worked well for a while, but when we moved the business outside of our home, we found ourselves in an area where the cell reception wasn't very good.

I quickly found out a local business line is much more expensive than a residential line. I was charged $240 a month for 2 phone lines and a fax line. I was also required to agree to keep the service for a minimum of two years.

My wife Priscilla is in the process of starting a new business. When she mentioned the need for a phone line, she wasn't looking forward to signing another two year agreement to have a business line installed. Luckily, she didn't have to.
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eBay Seller Makes Over $100K a Month Selling Cell Phones

28 November 2010

Seller Making Over 100K a Month Selling Cell Phones

If you've followed my business for the last few years, then you know I've never taken the time to promote anyone else's system or product.

Let's be honest with each other, there are a ton of people out there promoting eBay "Get Rich Quick" eBooks and you and I know most of them are complete garbage!

I've seen so many of these things, I've completely tuned them out. I no longer even waste a second glancing at the advertisements or reading the sales pages. Besides, I built a 7 figure internet business that started with eBay. I figure what can I learn from an eBook on the subject?

Turns Out I Have Plenty To Learn
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Selling the Business and Moving On

21 September 2010

If you haven't read part 1, 2, and part 3 of this series, checkout these links first.

I Sold My Internet Business in July of 2009

Expanding Beyond CDs and DVDs

A South African Con Man Nearly Ruined Me

In 2007 things were going very well for our business. We were generating well over a million dollars in revenue. We were running the business out of a warehouse / office that we owned, and we had some very reliable employees to manage the day to day tasks of the business. Things couldn't have been better.

Up until this point, my wife Priscilla and I had ran the entire show. This sometimes meant working all hours of the night, but we got it done. Now things were much different. The business was running on auto-pilot and we could leave for vacations and the business ran as if we were there. (Pays to have good trustworthy employees!)
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A South African Con Man Nearly Ruined Me

27 April 2010

If you haven't read part 1 and part 2 of this series, checkout these links first.

I Sold My Internet Business in July of 2009

Expanding Beyond CDs and DVDs

When I started my business, eBay was 100% of my revenue. I was pretty naive back then and didn't really see a problem with it. That's until they decided to suspend my account one day.

If you've been on eBay for some time, then you know eBay changes the rules a lot. They are experts at creating rules that are open to interpretation. Then they take some $8 an hour worker with a Napoleon complex, put them in a cublicle 1,500 miles away, and place them in charge of enforcing the rules. It was that way 9 years ago and it has only gotten worse today.

Some eBay rep decided they didn't like a certain aspect of my wallet auctions and they would end them. I would wait on hold for hours to finally talk to someone in customer support and would be told the auction was ended in error and I could restart it. A few days later, another rep would come along and use another interpretation of the rule to end the auctions again. I'd spend hours on hold to finally talk to someone and would be given the green light only to repeat the process over and over. Finally, someone decided my account should be suspended.
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Expanding Business Beyond CDs and DVDs

13 April 2010

If you haven't read part one of this story, you can read it at this link. I Sold My Internet Business In July of 2009

There are a lot of great things about selling CDs and DVDs. The demand is huge, you can start a business for a couple hundred dollars, and you can fit all your inventory and supplies in a spare closet. It's really a fantastic way to learn to operate an internet business without risking much.

A year or two into this business, I began to recognize that selling CDs and DVDs had it's own set of disadvantages as well. The fact that the demand was huge was a blessing as well as a curse. Huge demand equals a huge market. A huge market equals lots of competitors trying to beat each others price. At the end of the day, I was lucky to profit an average of $2 for every DVD that I sold.
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I Sold My Internet Business In July of 2009

11 April 2010

You're not wasting your time! I'm not building you up with some fictitious ramblings only to spring some product offering on you at the end. I'm not selling a single thing.

I just wanted to give you the details of how my wife Priscilla and I started an internet business in our garage 9 years ago, how we generated more than 6 million dollars doing it, why we sold it in July of 2009, and what we are up to today. That's it.
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What Information Do You Want? Update

13 December 2008

Since I put together the Jillian Entertainment CD & DVD Wholesale Directory, there have been a lot of changes in the marketplace.  eBay has changed some policies that effect the way we sell cds and dvds in their venue and I've discovered some other worthy players like Amazon.

Here is a link to the latest eBay policies.

The Jillian Entertainment CD and DVD Wholesale Directory is in need of a major update!  But before I do, I want your feedback.  I want to make sure we provide you with the quality information that you demand and expect.

Please use the link below to take our survey.  I'm interested in what you have to say either good or bad.  I'll try and respond to each survey and will use your suggestions to structure a format to update the Jillian Entertainment CD & DVD Wholesale Directory.

Click Here to take survey

I'm considering doing away with the ultra-inexpensive email support plans and offering a more upscale telephone support option.  It will obviously cost more than the current $10 a month that many are paying for email support, but my goal is to provide better quality support and help as many as possible reach their goals.

But before I make any changes, I want to know what you think!

Good Luck,

Brent Crouch

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Wholesale DVDs and CDs On eBay Mean Massive Profits

14 November 2008

While some people choose to start their own business because it is a family tradition or because they are especially passionate about a particular product they sell, most people do so because they feel that they can make a substantial profit and live a life that they enjoy. The Internet has allowed for millions of people to open their own at home business with almost no initial investment, but many people don't know which product they should sell for maximum profit. It turns out that wholesale DVDs and CDs are some of the best selling and most profitable items you can sell. Let's take a look at just a few reasons why these stalwarts are still helping people just like you rake in the bucks month after month.
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Understanding DVD Region Encoding

12 November 2008

If you have ever traveled the world, you have probably noticed that once you leave North America, things tend to change a bit. Not only do you have to use different currency, but some counties have different electrical outlets that require a converter and some televisions broadcast in PAL instead of NTSC. Back in the 1980's, if you were to buy a VHS tape in Asia or in Europe and then try to play that tape on an American VCR, you would realize that they just aren't compatible. The same is true for DVDs. There are currently eight distinct regions for DVDs out there. Let's take a look at what all eight are and why there are different regions in the first place.
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Refining Your Sales Techniques On eBay

10 November 2008

When most people start their first eBay based business, they don't realize how profitable it can be if they really apply themselves. They start out thinking about supplementing their income only to realize in a few short months that they can turn their business into a full time job. Once you've gotten the basics of running your first ever eBay business down, you can start to think about refining your sales techniques in hopes of growing your business even further. Here are a few basic things you can do to push your eBay based business to the next level.
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