Should I copy your wholesale application / letter?

27 July 2007

As one of my bonuses, I offer a copy of the letter I wrote to a top dvd wholesaler when I was starting out. I attached this letter to my application and was rewarded with very good pricing. Matter of fact, it was less than the price being paid by the guy who sold me the contact info. He wasn't very happy about this :)

I've been asked a few times about this letter. Most people want to copy it exactly. Others want to know what they should put in their own letter.

First, don't copy my letter. It wouldn't be of much benefit if every wholesaler on my list got a copy of the same letter 10 times every week. Simply use my letter as a guide to write your own letter. You should consider including a history of your company, your sales channels, and your expected volume. If you aren't comfortable listing some of these things, don't worry. Remember, the letter isn't even required.

Good Luck,

Brent Crouch

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