Are dvds in the USA the same format as dvds sold in the UK?

10 August 2007

Question: Could you please tell me if the DVDs from the USA are the same format as the UK so they will play on UK dvd players as it will be the uk Market that I will be selling to.

There are 8 region codes used by dvd manufacturers. In the United States, our dvd players are configured to play dvds sold as region 1. In the UK, the dvd players sold are configured for region 2 dvds. You can't play a region 1 dvd in a dvd player configured for anything other than region 1. So basically, you can't order dvds from a region 1 dvd wholesaler, and plan to sell them to customers with region 2 dvd players.

My list contains a handful of UK suppliers in addition to the top supplier for the UK market. You can get more info at the following link. UK Dvd Supplier

I also found a very good article on dvd coding. It is worth reading and can be found at the link below. DVD Region Coding

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