Do I need to price my dvd titles at 1 Cent to compete with large ebay sellers?

12 August 2007

In browsing eBay recently, I see there are huge DVD sellers opertaing there who sell their DVD's for a penny. They're charging 3.95 for shipping, and I know the Media Mail cost for shipping 1 DVD is 2.65 these days. So obviously the only place they're making a profit is from the shipping charge. They can scarcely be making 1.00 profit by the time one allows for ebay and PayPal fees, to say nothing of their own packaging costs. I had hoped to make at least 1.50 each on any DVDs I sell.

My question is this: In order to really compete w/ these "big league" players, won't I need to price my movies at a penny just as they do, and then have to settle for a buck or less in profits per title sold? Otherwise, it seems there would be no inducement for eBay buyers to buy from me instead of my competition. Am I overlooking something - or will it be necessary for me to accept such meager profits in order to compete?

If you want a lesson on how to compete with the big boys, look no further than Moviemarz. You can read the details in this post. Becoming the top Ebay DVD Seller

Everyone has heard the old saying, "If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck". Well unfortunately, this isn't always the case on ebay. A lot of sellers on ebay are selling bootleg titles and trying to pass them off as legitimate. You can't compete with these sellers on price, but at the end of the day, buyers know the difference. Take a look at any of the auctions closed successfully by Moviemarz. I guarantee you can find 1,000 other auctions for the "same" dvd that sold for far less, but for some reason that buyer chose to pay more and buy from a legitimate seller.

Now there are some legitimate sellers offering 1 cent CDs and DVDs. Jayandmarie are a good example of this. But keep in mind, in most cases they are not offering new product. Most of the product they sell is used and bids up well past the starting fee of 1 cents.

Here is the strategy I use to price my dvds.

Pricing my dvd to sell

Good Luck,

Brent Crouch

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