How can I build an automated system for my ebay business?

09 August 2007

Question: Guess what, I'm glad to purchase your Wholesale Directory. Considering that I'm determined to make this path a success, thus seeking your wisdom of experience.My First question:

You mentioned in your hype report in Myth #2 Make Big Money from a Few Sales Each Week' that this is a volume business and thus for increasing your sale per week you have put together a 'Automated System' (from listing to shipping) which may automate 90% of this tasks.

I have a system in place that automates a lot of my ebay auction management. It isn't something I put in place overnight. It was built piece by piece as my business has grown. I wouldn't recommend a new seller put the complete system in place. As you need more automation, consider adding another piece.

1. For the process of posting auctions, I use a piece of software called Auctiva Poster. There is a free version that was released a couple of years ago. I tried it and it didn't provide the functionality I was used to in the Classic Edition.

If you relist the same dvd titles every week, this software will let you do the work once. Once you save an auction listing, you can relist it over and over with the push of a button. It also features the ability to group your items in batches and schedule listings. Once a week, I open my batch, choose the times I want it to run, and everyday the program will list my 1000s of ebay auctions. This is a must have tool for anyone starting an ebay business.

2. For my post auction management tasks I use a software offered by ebay called Seller Manger Pro. It automatically emails all my winning bidders with payment instructions and provides an easy to use interface to manage my payments. This is also another auction management software I would recommend even for new sellers.

3. I use another free software provided by ebay called Ebay Accounting Assistant. I wouldn't recommend it for the new seller. It is for high volume sellers that want a way to automatically import paypal payments into Quickbooks Accounting Software.

4. I use another software called Platinum Shipper provided by Endicia. This software allows me to print postage from my PC and automates the task of linking my customer files from Quickbooks.

For most new sellers, I would recommend Auctiva Poster and Seller Manger Pro. The other software packages can require expensive hardware and you really shouldn't even consider adding them until you are selling 300+ titles a week.

Good Luck,

Brent Crouch

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