Is it best to sell my wholesale dvds in lots or individually?

01 August 2007

Question: Based on your own eBay selling experience, would you say that DVDs sold in "lots" tend to sell better than titles sold individually? I've noticed many lots - from 5 to 200 discs in size - listed, and most have gotten bids. Any thoughts on this?

If you take a look at two of the top cd and dvd sellers Jayandmarie and Moviemarz this should provide some direction. Every top seller I have researched offers titles individually. It takes more time, but I believe it is the most profitable way to run this business.

The only exception I make is when I have titles that are hard to sell. No matter how much you research titles, you are alway going to have some titles that turn out to be duds. When this happens, I usually bundle 5 - 20 of them together and offer them in one lot. In my experience, this usually results in a loss. But it is a great way to free up hard to sell items and clean up your inventory.

Good Luck,

Brent Crouch

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