Is there a rule of thumb on how much to pay per DVD for wholesale lots on Ebay?

06 August 2007

Question: Is there a rule of thumb on how much to pay per DVD for wholesale lots on Ebay? I want to resell the DVDs on or Ebay. I know I could pick and choose from the lot and resell the lot of slow sellers or less desirables. However, is there a good measure as to how much to pay per video in these wholesale lots? I also noticed that shipping for lots varies considerably. Some folks have shipping for free and others want an arm and a leg. I know that you have to take the shipping cost into consideration in your pricing. I welcome your response.

You are correct. You absolutely have to consider the shipping costs for your wholesale lots. I am amazed at the number of people that don't take this into consideration. It is a must.

There is no rule of thumb for how much to pay per dvd. It all depends on the titles you are getting. I once paid $7 each for a wholesale lot of 500 dvds on ebay. I was able to double my money on this lot because it contained mostly box sets and tv series. It turned out to be a great deal.

In most cases, I never spend that much for used dvds. But once again, it is all about the titles and takes a little time to learn. The best advice I can give to a new buyer is spend time researching what used titles are selling for. It should be fairly evident which titles are going to be good sellers.

Another thing new buyers should be aware of are filler titles. If you buy a wholesale lot on Ebay make sure the seller names every single title you are getting. If they don't, don't buy it. If a seller only takes the time to name a few titles then you can be sure those are going to be the best titles in the lot. The other titles are probably worth less than $1 each and are known as filler titles.

Good Luck,

Brent Crouch

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