Pricing your wholesale dvds and cds for your ebay business

01 August 2007

Question: I was just wondering if it is better to start the dvds off at $.01, $.99 or have it up for buy it now?? which one is a better way guarantee to sell dvd's? or is there a way you do it that i could??

Jayandmarie is one of ebay's top seller. They have built a niche around offering used cds at starting bids of only 1 cent. They have been very successful with this pricing strategy.

Moviemarz is another one of ebay's top sellers. They use a very different pricing strategy. This seller uses a higher starting bid that are probably below his wholesale costs. He easily makes up the difference from his inflated shipping and handling. It only costs $1.50 to ship a single dvd to most locations. This seller charges his customers $5.50 netting him an average profit of $4 from the shipping and handling alone.

I personally use a method similar to Moviemarz. I use a starting bid that is $1 - $3 more than my wholesale cost. I also have a shipping and handling fee that allows me to make an additional $2 - $3 on every dvd.

My advice to new sellers is to try a couple different approaches and test your results. What works for a top seller may or may not work for you. Don't be afraid to start. If you don't like your results, try something different.

Good Luck,

Brent crouch

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