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11 August 2007

Question: One of the questions I wanted to ask considering the most two popular auction & Marketplace are Ebay & Amazon, Which one is better marketplace to sell DVD or any Hot items in terms of profitablity/Cost(Amazon's Commission is higher than Ebay's combined fees including paypal), probablity of an item selling, ease of listing(Amazon does not offer product page creation for normal seller account) etc.? Also which marketplace would you choose to create a STORE if you have to? Any other differentiating attributes you can think of? What is your experience?

When I started my business, I sold exclusively on Ebay. A dvd is sold on ebay every 3 seconds. Consumers spend an average of 11 million dollars a month on single dvds sold on ebay. It isn't an accident that the top ebay sellers offer dvds.

A couple of years ago, I was invited by Amazon to list my products on their site. I was very reluctant. I had already wasted a lot of time trying to sell on Yahoo Auctions,, and a few others. These ventures turned out to be a waste of time. There was no other site able to provide the number of buyers I was getting from ebay.

After a few phone calls from Amazon, I finally agreed and took the time to list a few items. I was surprised a few days later to notice they actually sold! I listed more items with the same success. Amazon proved to be well worth my time. This year, I will do six figure revenue from Amazon.

I like Amazon because I don't have to pay a listing fee. I pay a flat 15% of the sales price plus shipping and handling. This is a great benefit when you get stuck with titles that just won't sell.

If I were starting my business all over, I'd have my products on ebay and amazon. I've talked to a few sellers that have had good results from Personally, I don't have any experience with that site.

Why limit yourself to just an ebay or just an amazon store? Why not open a store on both sites once your inventory level is large enough to support both venues.

Good Luck,

Brent Crouch

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