Why did Ebay remove my dvd auctions for copyright infringement?

06 August 2007

Question: Hi Brent, thank you for offering the results of your hard work at such a decent price. Just looking it over for the last couple of hours proves it to be worth much more. There is one question I hope you can answer for me. I recently tried to list DVD's on eBay and twice they removed about 25% of the listings they said for reasons of copyright infringement. The first time I listed the DVD's I used pics and descriptions of the internet (blockbuster, amazon, ...). After they removed the listings the first time I took pics myself of the actual DVD and didn't write any description other than the stars and directors and such, and they still removed them. Do you have that trouble? How do I list them without having them removed? Thanks for any help.

Chances are there isn't a problem with the pic or description provided by the studio. The problem is most likely a word or words you are using in the auctions that leads ebay to believe these items are bootleg dvds. If you purchased them from a dvd distributor that advertised them as imports, dvd-5, dvd9, or sold them without the case, chances are good that ebay is correct in removing them.

Some of the bootleg dvds are so sophisticated that they look identical to the legitimate factory dvds. There are a few giveaways that is usually an indication that a dvd supplier is selling bootlegs.

1. If the product is advertised as Region 5, DVD9, or DVD-5, then I would be very suspicious of the copies I were getting. These are code words used to describe bootleg movies.

2. Bootlegs are usually sold without the cases. They often come in clear plastic sleeves.

3. Bootleg dvds usually do not have the special features. The dvds are not the normal capacity as a factory dvd and do not have the room to hold them.

4. Bootleg dvds sometimes have low quality printing and sometimes have Asian writing on them.

If you purchase dvds that fit any of these descriptions, you should question if the dvds are legitimate factory copies or bootlegs.

Good Luck,

Brent Crouch

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