Do you use the gallery function in all your auctions?

10 September 2007

A few years ago, I ran several tests on how effective the gallery image is in creating sales. The results showed a gallery image did provide a better sell through rate, but it wasn't enough of an increase to warrant paying an extra 35 cents for each listing.

I now use an automated program that makes the research a lot easier. I expected to find similar results. What I found, has me reconsidering using the gallery image for my own auctions.

In the month of August 2007, there were a total of 1,405,555 dvd auctions ran without the gallery image. These items had an average sell through rate of 20.58%.

During this same period, there were 443,195 dvd auctions ran with the gallery image. These items produced an average sell through rate of 48.82%. This is more than twice the sell rate of dvd auctions that didn't use a gallery image.

Lets look at these numbers a little closer.

If you were to run 1,000 dvd auctions, it would cost you an extra $350.00 to add the gallery image to each one. On average, you could expect to sell an extra 282 dvds for purchasing this option.

So should you purchase the gallery image for your dvds? It all depends on how much you profit per dvd. If you only averaged a profit of $1per dvd, you'd be spending $350.00 for gallery images to make an extra $282.00 giving you a loss of $68.00. However, if you are averaging a profit of $2 per dvd, then the gallery option would have made you an extra $214.

Ultimately, it's up to you to test your auctions and determine if this feature makes sense for you.

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