How do you deal with Non-paying bidders?

15 September 2007

Question: How do you handle people who seem to blitz your site, who buy and do not pay. This has happened to us a number of times. They take a buy it now item remove it from my listing but do not pay. It's rather annoying. Do you have any solutions for this?

As long as I have been on eBay, I've dealt with non-paying bidders. There isn't a good solution for this problem, but there are a few things that may help.

1. Make sure you are emailing your buyers as soon as the auction ends. Make sure this email has all your payment options and gives an expected time for the shipment. I use eBay's Seller Manager Pro to send this automatically generated email every time I sell an item.

2. After 7 - 10 days, I always send payment reminders. Make sure this reminder also has your payment options.

3. You can also request contact info for any person that bid on your auction. Just use this link. Ebay User's Contact Info

Give your bidder a call and remind them to pay. They'll most likely be surprised to hear from you. It will also give you some idea if this is a non-responsible bidder or a competitor that is interfering with your auctions.

4. If the contact information is false, you should contact eBay right away. This buyer will be suspended as soon as eBay verifies the contact info themselves.

5. If I haven't been paid within 14 days, I always open an Unpaid Items Reminder with eBay and begin filing for a credit.

6. I never leave a negative feedback for non-paying buyers. You will most likely get a negative in return. Now that eBay has started cracking down on sellers, this could lead to a suspension of your account if you get to many.

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