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15 September 2007


Can you guess who this CD seller is? They have over 1.3
million positive feedback. Click the Link Below.

Guess Who?


I'm in no way an eBay basher. I started my business on eBay
several years ago and am grateful for the opportunity they
provided me. But unfortunately, eBay has grown into a huge
bureaucracy and doesn't always do things the way reasonable
people would expect.

About 6 months ago, eBay decided to rid the site of "bad sellers".
I think this is a great idea. It creates more business for those of
us who are good sellers.

The problem is the right hand has no idea what the left hand is
doing. Even though this policy went into effect months ago, it
wasn't actually announced until a few weeks ago.

The other problem is no one knows exactly what is a bad seller.
There have been sellers with 99.5% feedback suspended for
14 - 30 days because they were considered in the bottom 1%.
How does that happen?

There have been reports that 1000's of sellers have been
suspended. No doubt, some of them needed to go. There are
sellers out there with 80% feedback. I'm not sure why they
weren't sent packing before now. The problem is there have
been good sellers caught in the mix.

The good news is things are changing. eBay realizes good
sellers have been effected and are making changes to the way
they do things. Here are two very good resources to learn
more about this non-performance policy.




I've got a lot of questions as to why I was showing a list of top
eBay sellers that dated back to 2004. The answer was simple.
Nobody has created an updated list. That was until now.

A company called Sellathon created a free list of the top 10,000
eBay sellers. It includes a lot of information not available on past
lists. It is simply one of the best resources for finding top sellers
that I have ever seen.

One thing is for sure, cd and dvd sellers dominate the top spots.
Jayandmarie, now have over 1 million feedback. WOW!

You can access the free list using this link.

Jay and Marie


If you are having trouble getting started on eBay, my friends
over at IMC are offering a very complete course on starting
an eBay business for a 99 cent trial.

I've heard a lot of great things about the course. I've ordered
several products from IMC in the past and have never been
disappointed. If I were starting over on eBay, I wouldn't
hesitate to take advantage of this offer.

At 99 cents, how can you go wrong?


Good Luck with your business,

Brent Crouch

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