Can You Make Money Selling Wholesale DVDs?

18 October 2008

Every year, millions of people start their own business with the highest of hopes. Some people choose to build a brick and mortar building and start their own shop or business, while others take to the online world and open up a virtual storefront. Regardless of which style of store you choose, the biggest decision you have to make is what product you want to sell. You need a product that is in demand, a product that you can easily get from a distributor and a product that you can make a nice profit off of. While there may be several items that fit into that category, wholesale DVDs might just be the best answer. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways a wholesale DVD business can help you reach your financial goals.

By opening up a web-based business selling wholesale DVDs, you are giving yourself the ability to work from home. Ask any random group of ten adults if they would enjoy working from home and you’ll receive an overwhelming response. For million of Americans, working from home is the ultimate job and with a successful online business selling a product that can help you turn a real profit, you’ll likely be able to quit your day job after your web based business is established. It is a luxury that few people are able to enjoy, but it could be your daily reality with a little bit of hard work.

Probably the best thing about a wholesale DVD based home business is the fact that you are selling a product that just about every American over the age of 13 buys on a weekly basis. You would probably have to sell air to have a product that is more in demand that DVD movies, television shows and special interest programming. Think about it, do you know a single person that doesn’t have their own DVD collection? By buying wholesale, you can establish an impressive inventory and still have enough room to increase the prices so you make a tidy profit. It really is a win-win situation.

If you are a tech savvy consumer, you have probably heard about the eventual switch from DVD to Blu-Ray discs. Blu-Ray technology is the next generation. These DVDs can hold far more data than a regular DVD. Some people have questioned opening a DVD store online if the format is close to dying out. The truth is, most people don’t even know what a Blu-Ray disc is yet, and since many people are still smarting over the fact that they had to switch all of their VHS tapes to DVD, they aren’t exactly chomping at the bit to replace their entire movie collection all over again. The switch to Blu-Ray will happen eventually, but it will likely take decades, just like the switch from VHS to DVD did, so you have very little to worry about. If you want, you can also sell a few Blu-Ray discs in your online store, as well.

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