Four Secrets To Wholesale DVD Profits

19 October 2008

One of the things that makes eBay such a fun place to open your own wholesale DVD business is that it is a completely different business environment than any other. Imagine having the ability to give every store you shop at in the brick and mortar world a rating that everyone else could see before they shop there. Imagine having the ability to leave comments that people could see and read before they decide to step foot in the door. On eBay, consumers rule and businesses have to compete against each other for customers and for respect. Here are a few tips on how you and your wholesale DVD business can get ahead on eBay.

The first thing you need to realize is that in the eBay universe, your seller rating is worth its weight in gold. It is the ultimate measuring stick that other customers are going to use to measure you. You may lose sales before you even have a chance to impress customers with your inventory, sales pitch, shipping rates and product descriptions. That’s why customer service is the most important part of being an eBay seller. It is your job to make every sale right if there is a problem.

While the overwhelming number of eBay shoppers are regular people looking for the best deals they can find on various merchandise, there are dishonest people who use the site. Just as regular business owners have to look out for shoplifters, there are going to be eBay shoppers who will be dissatisfied with every transaction they make in hopes of getting something for nothing. While eBay does have mechanisms in place for conflict resolution, it is important for every seller to know when to let go and when to write off a customer as being more trouble than they are worth. Running your own wholesale DVD business takes time, and you can’t have all of your energy being put towards jumping through hoops to satisfy one troublesome customer. Even the best eBay stores have one or two negative pieces of feedback, and it is your job to make sure the other 99 percent have a pleasant time shopping at your store.

The key to selling any product on eBay, regardless whether you are selling wholesale DVDs or luxury cars, is the ad that accompanies every item you sell. The more compelling the ad, the more interested people are going to be. Let’s face it - none of us need DVDs to live. Every DVD purchase is an impulse buy, and if your ad can convince someone that they simply can’t live without that DVD, you’ll have a very successful eBay storefront.

Finally, don’t be afraid to try different distributors for your DVDs. There are dozens of wholesale distributors out there willing to give you the best deals on DVDs so if you think your distributor is asking for too much, offer your services to another one.

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