Can You Make Money Selling Wholesale DVDs?

18 October 2008

Every year, millions of people start their own business with the highest of hopes. Some people choose to build a brick and mortar building and start their own shop or business, while others take to the online world and open up a virtual storefront. Regardless of which style of store you choose, the biggest decision […]

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How to Handle Negative and Neutral Feedback from eBay Buyers

17 October 2007

With eBay’s new enforcement of it’s Seller Non-Performance Policy, negative and neutral feedback are a big deal. Being content with a feedback rating of 98% plus is a thing of the past. Now that eBay has started factoring neutral feedback into it’s non-performance algorithm, you have to address every negative and neutral feedback you get.

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Are dvds in the USA the same format as dvds sold in the UK?

10 August 2007

Question: Could you please tell me if the DVDs from the USA are the same format as the UK so they will play on UK dvd players as it will be the uk Market that I will be selling to. There are 8 region codes used by dvd manufacturers. In the United States, our dvd […]

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Is there a rule of thumb on how much to pay per DVD for wholesale lots on Ebay?

06 August 2007

Question: Is there a rule of thumb on how much to pay per DVD for wholesale lots on Ebay? I want to resell the DVDs on or Ebay. I know I could pick and choose from the lot and resell the lot of slow sellers or less desirables. However, is there a good measure […]

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