Understanding DVD Region Encoding

12 November 2008

If you have ever traveled the world, you have probably noticed that once you leave North America, things tend to change a bit. Not only do you have to use different currency, but some counties have different electrical outlets that require a converter and some televisions broadcast in PAL instead of NTSC. Back in the […]

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Getting A Handle On DVD Shipping Costs

27 October 2008

For years now, shipping has been the albatross around the neck of online businesses. There is a reason why super retailers like Aamazon.com have occasional free shipping promotions because the perception is that no matter how good their prices are, people simply hate paying for shipping. It feels like a “hidden cost” that retailers spring […]

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Three Tips You Need As An eBay Seller

23 October 2008

It is almost impossible to calculate all of the different ways the Internet has changed our lives. It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of sending an email instead of writing a letter by hand seemed foreign and strange, but we all do it every day and it is hard to imagine life without […]

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Can You Make Money Selling Wholesale DVDs?

18 October 2008

Every year, millions of people start their own business with the highest of hopes. Some people choose to build a brick and mortar building and start their own shop or business, while others take to the online world and open up a virtual storefront. Regardless of which style of store you choose, the biggest decision […]

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How do you deal with Non-paying bidders?

15 September 2007

Question: How do you handle people who seem to blitz your site, who buy and do not pay. This has happened to us a number of times. They take a buy it now item remove it from my listing but do not pay. It’s rather annoying. Do you have any solutions for this? As long […]

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Do you use the gallery function in all your auctions?

10 September 2007

A few years ago, I ran several tests on how effective the gallery image is in creating sales. The results showed a gallery image did provide a better sell through rate, but it wasn’t enough of an increase to warrant paying an extra 35 cents for each listing. I now use an automated program that […]

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Do I need to price my dvd titles at 1 Cent to compete with large ebay sellers?

12 August 2007

In browsing eBay recently, I see there are huge DVD sellers opertaing there who sell their DVD’s for a penny. They’re charging 3.95 for shipping, and I know the Media Mail cost for shipping 1 DVD is 2.65 these days. So obviously the only place they’re making a profit is from the shipping charge. They […]

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Should I sell my products on ebay, amazon, or half.com?

11 August 2007

Question: One of the questions I wanted to ask considering the most two popular auction & Marketplace are Ebay & Amazon, Which one is better marketplace to sell DVD or any Hot items in terms of profitablity/Cost(Amazon’s Commission is higher than Ebay’s combined fees including paypal), probablity of an item selling, ease of listing(Amazon does […]

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Should I open an Ebay store?

09 August 2007

If you take a look at the top ebay dvd sellers, you’ll notice one thing. They all have an ebay store. With a listing fee as low as 5 cents, ever serious seller should consider opening an ebay store. There are a couple of drawbacks to an ebay store. The final value fee is higher […]

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Have you ever sold on half.com?

09 August 2007

Question: I have sold on Half.com and Ebay. I was wondering what you recommend about Half.com?. Do you sell on that site? I know there are drawbacks and advantages. The advantages in my opinion are that you do not have to pay listing fees. However, I don’t think you get the exposure like you do […]

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