Selling the Business and Moving On

21 September 2010

In 2007 things were going very well for our business. We were generating well over a million dollars in revenue. We were running the business out of a warehouse / office that we owned, and we had some very reliable employees to manage the day to day tasks of the business. Things couldn’t have been better.

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A South African Con Man Nearly Ruined Me

27 April 2010

Early in my e-commerce career, my eBay account was suspended and I lost 100% of my revenue. Later that same year, a South African con man stole $15K dollars from me. Both events were exactly what I needed to propel my business to the next level.


Expanding Business Beyond CDs and DVDs

13 April 2010

Selling CDs and Dvds has several advantages and disadvantages. For me, it was a great way to learn how business works on the internet, but I began searching for products with higher margins. I’ve sold everything from candles, baby formula, exercise equipment, tents, knives, electronics, small appliances, luggage, closeouts, and many more items than I can name.


I Sold My Internet Business In July of 2009

11 April 2010

I have nothing to sell! I just wanted to give you the details of how my wife Priscilla and I started an internet business in our garage 9 years ago, how we generated more than 6 million dollars doing it, why we sold it in July of 2009, and what we are up to today. That’s it.


Wholesale DVDs and CDs On eBay Mean Massive Profits

14 November 2008

While some people choose to start their own business because it is a family tradition or because they are especially passionate about a particular product they sell, most people do so because they feel that they can make a substantial profit and live a life that they enjoy. The Internet has allowed for millions of […]

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Refining Your Sales Techniques On eBay

10 November 2008

When most people start their first eBay based business, they don’t realize how profitable it can be if they really apply themselves. They start out thinking about supplementing their income only to realize in a few short months that they can turn their business into a full time job. Once you’ve gotten the basics of […]

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Picking the Perfect eBay User ID For Your eBay Store Dvd Business

10 November 2008

When it comes to starting your own business, nothing is more powerful than word of mouth, or in the Internet generation, word of email! Having people email each other and spread the word about what a great shopping experience they had at your wholesale DVD store on eBay is probably the strongest vote of confidence […]

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Three Tips You Need As An eBay Seller

23 October 2008

It is almost impossible to calculate all of the different ways the Internet has changed our lives. It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of sending an email instead of writing a letter by hand seemed foreign and strange, but we all do it every day and it is hard to imagine life without […]

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Expanding Your eBay Shop With Wholesale DVDs

21 October 2008

One of the many things that makes opening your own eBay based business so attractive is how simple and worry free it is. You can go from being an eBay shopper to an eBay seller in minutes, and you can sell just about anything under the sun. Many people realize that with the ever changing […]

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Four Secrets To Wholesale DVD Profits

19 October 2008

One of the things that makes eBay such a fun place to open your own wholesale DVD business is that it is a completely different business environment than any other. Imagine having the ability to give every store you shop at in the brick and mortar world a rating that everyone else could see before […]

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