What Information Do You Want? JillianEntertainment.com Update

13 December 2008

Since I put together the Jillian Entertainment CD & DVD Wholesale Directory, there have been a lot of changes in the marketplace.  eBay has changed some policies that effect the way we sell cds and dvds in their venue and I’ve discovered some other worthy players like Amazon. Here is a link to the latest […]

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Wholesale DVDs and CDs On eBay Mean Massive Profits

14 November 2008

While some people choose to start their own business because it is a family tradition or because they are especially passionate about a particular product they sell, most people do so because they feel that they can make a substantial profit and live a life that they enjoy. The Internet has allowed for millions of […]

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5 Tips to Avoid an Ebay Seller Suspension for Seller Non-performance

29 September 2007

Ebay has created a new policy known as seller non-performance that is causing lot of good sellers to be suspended. If you haven’t read about this new policy, click on this link and do so right away. Here are five things you should be doing to make sure you are not one of the good […]

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Jillian Entertainment – 1000s of eBay Sellers Suspended

15 September 2007

***SELLER WITH OVER 1.3 MILLION FEEDBACK*** Can you guess who this CD seller is? They have over 1.3 million positive feedback. Click the Link Below. Guess Who? ***SELLER BEWARE!*** I’m in no way an eBay basher. I started my business on eBay several years ago and am grateful for the opportunity they provided me. But […]

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