One of your dvd wholesale suppliers requested a copy of my credit card?

10 August 2007

Question: I explained a few days ago that I have been approved by ***EDITED*** to purchase videos. I received a call yesterday from one of their reps about methods of payment. It seems that credit cards, or a debit card are the cheapest ways to pay… however, they asked for a copy of my debit […]

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Will my credit effect my ability to be qualified by a top wholesale dvd supplier?

10 August 2007

Question: I have already been selling dvds, cd, and books on ebay this summer and have reached silver level powerseller status as of last month after just starting in May. I bought your information becasue I am basically using another retail site as my supplier. They are not really a dropshipper. I have been using […]

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Will your cd and dvd wholesale suppliers ship to Canada?

01 August 2007

Question: Will the cd and dvd suppliers in your wholesale list ship to Canada? There are over 120 suppliers in my list. I haven’t used all of them and even if I did, I wouldn’t try to comment on the policies and requirements of each one. Will the U.S. wholesalers in my list ship to […]

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Should I copy your wholesale application / letter?

27 July 2007

As one of my bonuses, I offer a copy of the letter I wrote to a top dvd wholesaler when I was starting out. I attached this letter to my application and was rewarded with very good pricing. Matter of fact, it was less than the price being paid by the guy who sold me […]

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