eBay Fees Decrease..or Increase? Which is it?

29 March 2008

Hello Friend, I’ve got good news and some bad news. *** Lets start with the GOOD NEWS! Most of you know by now that eBay cut CD and DVD sellers a break in February. They have significantly cut the insertion fees for sellers listing Books, Music, DVDs, and Video Games. If you are listing your […]

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How to Handle Negative and Neutral Feedback from eBay Buyers

17 October 2007

With eBay’s new enforcement of it’s Seller Non-Performance Policy, negative and neutral feedback are a big deal. Being content with a feedback rating of 98% plus is a thing of the past. Now that eBay has started factoring neutral feedback into it’s non-performance algorithm, you have to address every negative and neutral feedback you get.

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Jillian Entertainment – 1000s of eBay Sellers Suspended

15 September 2007

***SELLER WITH OVER 1.3 MILLION FEEDBACK*** Can you guess who this CD seller is? They have over 1.3 million positive feedback. Click the Link Below. Guess Who? ***SELLER BEWARE!*** I’m in no way an eBay basher. I started my business on eBay several years ago and am grateful for the opportunity they provided me. But […]

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Why did Ebay remove my dvd auctions for copyright infringement?

06 August 2007

Question: Hi Brent, thank you for offering the results of your hard work at such a decent price. Just looking it over for the last couple of hours proves it to be worth much more. There is one question I hope you can answer for me. I recently tried to list DVD’s on eBay and […]

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