Do I need to price my dvd titles at 1 Cent to compete with large ebay sellers?

12 August 2007

In browsing eBay recently, I see there are huge DVD sellers opertaing there who sell their DVD’s for a penny. They’re charging 3.95 for shipping, and I know the Media Mail cost for shipping 1 DVD is 2.65 these days. So obviously the only place they’re making a profit is from the shipping charge. They […]

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Is the dvd market saturated on Ebay?

01 August 2007

Question: Thanks for the info. Very impressive. I keep reading the the DVD market is getting saturated on Ebay. Is that true or can someone make a decent living doing this yet through the distributors you listed? I frequently get emails from new sellers asking, “Is there room for me to compete and be profitable […]

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