Three Tips You Need As An eBay Seller

23 October 2008

It is almost impossible to calculate all of the different ways the Internet has changed our lives. It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of sending an email instead of writing a letter by hand seemed foreign and strange, but we all do it every day and it is hard to imagine life without […]

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Expanding Your eBay Shop With Wholesale DVDs

21 October 2008

One of the many things that makes opening your own eBay based business so attractive is how simple and worry free it is. You can go from being an eBay shopper to an eBay seller in minutes, and you can sell just about anything under the sun. Many people realize that with the ever changing […]

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Four Secrets To Wholesale DVD Profits

19 October 2008

One of the things that makes eBay such a fun place to open your own wholesale DVD business is that it is a completely different business environment than any other. Imagine having the ability to give every store you shop at in the brick and mortar world a rating that everyone else could see before […]

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eBay Fees Decrease..or Increase? Which is it?

29 March 2008

Hello Friend, I’ve got good news and some bad news. *** Lets start with the GOOD NEWS! Most of you know by now that eBay cut CD and DVD sellers a break in February. They have significantly cut the insertion fees for sellers listing Books, Music, DVDs, and Video Games. If you are listing your […]

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How to Handle Negative and Neutral Feedback from eBay Buyers

17 October 2007

With eBay’s new enforcement of it’s Seller Non-Performance Policy, negative and neutral feedback are a big deal. Being content with a feedback rating of 98% plus is a thing of the past. Now that eBay has started factoring neutral feedback into it’s non-performance algorithm, you have to address every negative and neutral feedback you get.

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5 Tips to Avoid an Ebay Seller Suspension for Seller Non-performance

29 September 2007

Ebay has created a new policy known as seller non-performance that is causing lot of good sellers to be suspended. If you haven’t read about this new policy, click on this link and do so right away. Here are five things you should be doing to make sure you are not one of the good […]

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How do you deal with Non-paying bidders?

15 September 2007

Question: How do you handle people who seem to blitz your site, who buy and do not pay. This has happened to us a number of times. They take a buy it now item remove it from my listing but do not pay. It’s rather annoying. Do you have any solutions for this? As long […]

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Jillian Entertainment – 1000s of eBay Sellers Suspended

15 September 2007

***SELLER WITH OVER 1.3 MILLION FEEDBACK*** Can you guess who this CD seller is? They have over 1.3 million positive feedback. Click the Link Below. Guess Who? ***SELLER BEWARE!*** I’m in no way an eBay basher. I started my business on eBay several years ago and am grateful for the opportunity they provided me. But […]

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Do you use the gallery function in all your auctions?

10 September 2007

A few years ago, I ran several tests on how effective the gallery image is in creating sales. The results showed a gallery image did provide a better sell through rate, but it wasn’t enough of an increase to warrant paying an extra 35 cents for each listing. I now use an automated program that […]

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Do I need to price my dvd titles at 1 Cent to compete with large ebay sellers?

12 August 2007

In browsing eBay recently, I see there are huge DVD sellers opertaing there who sell their DVD’s for a penny. They’re charging 3.95 for shipping, and I know the Media Mail cost for shipping 1 DVD is 2.65 these days. So obviously the only place they’re making a profit is from the shipping charge. They […]

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