Expanding Business Beyond CDs and DVDs

13 April 2010

Selling CDs and Dvds has several advantages and disadvantages. For me, it was a great way to learn how business works on the internet, but I began searching for products with higher margins. I’ve sold everything from candles, baby formula, exercise equipment, tents, knives, electronics, small appliances, luggage, closeouts, and many more items than I can name.


Four Secrets To Wholesale DVD Profits

19 October 2008

One of the things that makes eBay such a fun place to open your own wholesale DVD business is that it is a completely different business environment than any other. Imagine having the ability to give every store you shop at in the brick and mortar world a rating that everyone else could see before […]

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Can You Make Money Selling Wholesale DVDs?

18 October 2008

Every year, millions of people start their own business with the highest of hopes. Some people choose to build a brick and mortar building and start their own shop or business, while others take to the online world and open up a virtual storefront. Regardless of which style of store you choose, the biggest decision […]

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Do I need to price my dvd titles at 1 Cent to compete with large ebay sellers?

12 August 2007

In browsing eBay recently, I see there are huge DVD sellers opertaing there who sell their DVD’s for a penny. They’re charging 3.95 for shipping, and I know the Media Mail cost for shipping 1 DVD is 2.65 these days. So obviously the only place they’re making a profit is from the shipping charge. They […]

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Is it best to sell my wholesale dvds in lots or individually?

01 August 2007

Question: Based on your own eBay selling experience, would you say that DVDs sold in “lots” tend to sell better than titles sold individually? I’ve noticed many lots – from 5 to 200 discs in size – listed, and most have gotten bids. Any thoughts on this? If you take a look at two of […]

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Should I create a website to sell my product?

27 July 2007

Here is the short of it. I have two answers for this question, no and yes. The actual costs of building and maintaining an e-commerce website is very reasonable. I have sites that generate six figure sales volume every year and cost less than $100 a year to maintain. However, if you are new to […]

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